February 12th 2019

We’ve begun a collaboration with composer Caroline Karpinska, for the second chapter of Overlook Trail, working title ”Ouroboros”. These photos are from a live session we did at Dev Hub in Malmö.

December 8th 2018

Here is another gameplay preview of Overlook Trail, showing more environments from the same chapter as the previous video. Other sections of the game will explore completely different styles and methods of gameplay.

July 15th 2018

The summer heat is exceptional this year so we are spending as much time working outdoors as we can. In these pictures, we are developing a three-dimensional painting of sorts, inspired by vintage lighthouse kitsch. More specifically I’ve been inspired by an actual lighthouse named Tall John that is located at the southern tip of Öland (an island in Sweden, not far from my childhood home).

At the moment that I was working on watercolor textures for Tall John, a letter arrived, and the stamp of this letter had a photograph of this same lighthouse. What are the odds? I’ve not seen this stamp before, I think I would remember. Previously I felt uncertain if Tall John had the right architecture for the intended use, it’s simple and unassuming and there are many much more beautiful lighthouses. But there’s something about the mundane and unspectacular that I want to explore, so I couldn’t help but take this as a sign of us being on the right track.

June 15th 2018

We recently started working on a new chapter of Overlook Trail that we call June Bug, which was the codename for the Amiga 600 home computer in the early 90s. There’s a reason for the name, of course, and I think it will make sense once things come into place and we can reveal more.

Although there is a connection to vintage computers in June Bug, this chapter involves much else and many other time periods. I think however that personally, going back in time, it was a good place for me to start.

May 18th 2018

After months of prototyping I decided to go on a research trip before we delve deeper into the concepts we’ve started. A story of my grandfather and some old maps brought me deep into the Swedish forests where I found clues to where this project ought to go next.

Overlook Trail is not autobiographical, but I intend to connect the project to real-world locations and items in the same way that dreams can be. Realistic and mundane in one moment, but with the possibility of a turn toward the surreal at all times.

March 15th 2018

Only three months into development of Overlook Trail we already have several very distinct prototypes created for the various chapters of the game. Conceptually it is much like a collection of short stories or films, each with its unique style and game mechanic.

Above you will find a short teaser trailer showing parts of the game. Niklas Ström has composed music for the video.

February 15th 2018

It’s been exactly one month since I teamed up with my friend Emil Bengtsson to work on a video game that now has the title Overlook Trail.

I intend to create as much as is reasonably possible without spending time in front of a computer. So far I’ve experimented with modeling clay, painting, building models (with sheets, wires, planks – you name it) and filming with a 360 camera.

We still had to find a suitable method for bringing all of this material into a computer in a manageable fashion. After some attempts using a 3d scanner (resulting in poor quality models), we tried photogrammetry, which proved perfect for the job. As I have been getting my hands dirty in the physical world, Emil has done an incredible job making it all come alive in Unity3d.